[ A Quiet Promise To Serve ]

3. Three years ago I walked down a city street and my eyes were opened to how unique and incomparably beautiful every human is, not to mention every place.
2. Two years ago I decided I wanted to help people every day, for the rest of my life.
1. One year ago I started looking at service programs I could travel with in the summer while I learn how I can make this my life during the school year. There’s not really a career pathway for humanitarian service, but I’m determined to take part in it some way or another.
FAST FORWARD.// Awhile back I started looking for humanitarian organizations I could participate in while I travel to India, Thailand, Ecuador, Africa, etc. I want to help people, I want to see the world, & I want to experience all types of life.
NOW.// I can’t fit my entire life story, or all my dreams into a blog post, and I haven’t been able to visit the above mentioned places, but I’m getting there. I’ve been to my fair share of beautiful places & met even more beautiful people that will live in my heart forever.
That could be enough, but I’ve learned you have to ask for what you want. This is what I want: I want to learn how I can use what I have to help other people. To lift people up everyday & hopefully bless lives with my abilities. I want to work hard for someone else & only receive a stranger’s smile in return. To submerge myself into culture after culture, making friends & adoring people across the globe.
I don’t know how to carry out a service trip taking books to those eager to learn, or how to build a school for children with sticky hands & sweet hearts, but I hope to learn. I really hope to learn.
I’m far from perfect, but I believe everyone can make a difference. So for now, while I’m in beautiful Utah instead of holding hands around the world, I’ll do my best to lift & bless & heal, by sharing what does that for me.