I’m a strong believer that everyone needs pictures because I think they offer a whole lot more than just an image. I love photographs because they’re like living memories. I cover my walls with 4 by 6 prints from my lens so I can look up at any given moment & be reminded how blessed I am & that although it’s raining today, I’ve seen too many sunsets to count. I may feel lonely tonight, but I have good friends & great memories with them. For me, it’s a way to remember everyday that life is a happy experience, because it’s all too easy to forget.

I wholeheartedly believe that much of photography depends not on what we see, but how we view & interpret what we see. I cover my walls with photos so I can return to those moments where I saw so much beauty in a person or place. I also believe we take pictures of things we want to hold onto; we try to capture what means the most to us.

I’ve developed a small obsession with photography over the last few years and I love being behind the camera. Unfortunately, I don’t have as much experience as I’d like to, so if you’d like a free shoot sometime, do let me know.