[ Every Member A Missionary ]
Today would’ve marked 6 months en la misión Chile Concepción. Looking forward to this day I never imagined I’d be here, not there or that I’d be so sick. I feel so lost, & at the very same time a little found, but I’m grateful to be learning.
They say, “every member a missionary” & I’ve come to know what that means. Some people are called to learn a language they’ll use their entire life, others to strengthen a companion, to teach a specific person, grow with a district in the MTC, implement good habits, serve under a certain Mission President, or simply prepare to serve, making them worthy & ready for whatever opportunities come. There are one million reasons why the Lord calls His children to serve full-time missions, & there are equally as many reasons why He doesn’t, or why he calls us home, even when we want to serve. It’s all part of a better plan; one I can hardly comprehend.
But I do know this: A mission is to know Him & to make Him known.
It’s about being converted to the gospel of Christ. Maybe we’re called to help convert another, & maybe we’re called to convert ourselves. We’re all converts. First we come to know Him, & then we want nothing more than to share that light. Every member a missionary because everyone well acquainted with the gospel of Jesus Christ is serving a unique mission for Him, each equally significant & life changing.
I’m so homesick for Chile & wishing I hadn’t taken so many of those days for granted. I thought I’d have a lot longer than 3 short months, but I will forever be grateful that He continues to teach me during, & often with this heartache. He knows me so well. Three months as a full-time missionary & three home, but every moment thinking of that plaque that reads “hermana holt; the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” & what that means. & right now it means that I’ve got extra time to really know Him as He helps my soul become something sweeter, & so much better. In return He expects me to serve where I can, & to remember that everyone is family. We share what makes us whole with family.
feliz seis meses a distrito ocho b, y chile, recuerda que tienes mi corazón
con amor// Tu hermana para siempre.

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