• Send your missionary acceptance letter
  • Log into Missionary Portal
  • Read through the entire Call Packet. The packet is very thorough in what you need to do immediately, how to prepare, & what to do before entering the MTC. It will answer a lot of the questions you have, so read the entire book.
  • Read the white Missionary Handbook & start watching the District.
  • –If you’re serving foreign, expedite your passport as soon as possible & get started on your immunizations.

Mission Home & Missionary Service

SPECIFIC MISSION INFORMATION: Climate & General Information including: Mission address, Phone number, Maps & RM Interviews. — Prepare To Serve

COLD MISSIONS: If you’re serving in a cold mission take lots & lots of tights. Trust me, you’ll want them. Take some thick skirts, sweaters, long sleeve shirts, & jackets to keep you warm & layer. You may want to consider taking some small hand warmers that skiers use, a rice bag (one you can heat up & stick in your bed before you go to sleep), & you’ll probably need some of the items below.

Replace some standard skirts with ones that will repel snow and rain, & replace some t-shirts with hoodies or sweatshirts.

HOT MISSIONS: Be careful about the fabrics you choose. This includes skirts, blouses, & garments. Don’t take pieces that require layering. You’ll want to throw on some simple tees & go to work, so choose loose & casual for the most part, especially if you’re serving somewhere humid. I suggest you look into some of the items below:


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