The Church published answers to a lot of frequently asked questions on They provided a lot of information about the process & how to prepare.

Below are some topics I’m often asked about.


To be honest, I think companions are awesome. While it’s definitely something to get used to & sometimes it can be difficult, it’s such a blessing to never have to be alone. Some companions will be harder to get along with than others, but you can learn so much from every companion, so make the most of it.

Advice: Take a gift for each companion, or have your family send it to you. I suggest something simple like a picture of Christ & a favorite quote that you can several of without adding much weight. Take some stationary & write a letter to them expressing your gratitude. Expressing appreciation & constantly praying for your companion can go a long way & really bless your companionship.


You can make a group of your email list in your myldsmail account & control it on your mission. The best way I found was to write my mission President first & then copy & paste parts of that into a mass email home to friends & family. I’d add a few things like pictures or things I wrote down in my planner & send it off. — If you don’t have time to read all your emails take pictures of them, read them later & respond the next week. Or you can write little notes to people & take pictures of them to send & that saves time.


Advice for international & connecting flights: Pay attention, Ask questions & Print off a map of the airport. For example, in LAX you may need to switch terminals & it can be tricky going to Mexico. –Read the directions you’re given carefully & if you’re confused look at these FAQ’s.

If your travel itinerary has a return flight scheduled for the end of your MTC stay, don’t worry. The Church uses it as a safety & for visa purposes. It’s also cheaper to buy flights round trip.

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