Wow, I am so, so sorry. I always think I’ll have time to read everything and respond to everyone, and then write an email, but that is always, always a lie.

So I apologize that this is shorter than ever, but to me it’s so important to know how all of you are doing, so I read instead of write. I’ll try to write in a letter this next week to take a picture of it, but for now this is what I’ve got.

I just wanted to let you know I love you all & that I’m happier here in the mission every day. Really. I was talking to an Elder in my zone during our zone activity last week, and he shared with me that he had a hard time at the beginning of his mission too. He said we all do, that it’s part of the mission, but no one ever talks about it. But he said something that really got to me. He said he prayed to love the mission so much he wouldn’t want to go home, and ever since it’s flown by. That’s what I’ve been doing & so many blessing have come. I wonder if that’s what every missionary does when they arrive in the field, realize they need some help and pray to love it, becoming completely dependent on the Lord.

It’s still hard, make no mistake of that, but I’m happy here as a missionary. It’s been a little hard to adjust & I had an embarrassing experience last week. I don’t think I’ve told you, but for the past week or two I’ve been feeling really tired & fatigued. I kind of just attributed it to some dehydration or heat exhaustion, and maybe adjusting to missionary life, but on Wednesday evening we were walking with a member on our way to Noche de Deportes (sport night) after teaching a lesson, and I blacked out and fell in the street, almost like my body had just had enough. I’d been feeling kind of light headed and sick for most of the day, but didn’t expect that. We called the mission nurse and she told me to return to the apartment, drink a lot, and get some sleep. I did so, and in the morning I passed out. I’m not really sure what’s going on, but I’ve fainted a few times since & just feel awful. I can hardly keep up with my companion and it’s getting hard to do things. I passed out in the street yesterday & I still have no energy, but it’s okay. I’ll be seeing a doctor on Tuesday for some blood tests & Hermana Balden is taking good care of me. I’m just having a little struggle.

Life is never easy, but if I’m teaching people that their lives can be easier with the Gospel I should probably apply those words in my own life, because they’re true. It’s hard, but with faith in Jesus Christ it is so much easier, and with repentance and prayer, we can make it. I’m so grateful for the Jesus Christ & the Atonement, & for the opportunity to use that precious gift every hour of every day. And for prayer, man am I grateful for prayer.

I’m happy, & I love you. We can do this. Not alone, but with Him we can.

See good days,

Hermana Holt

P.S. Pictures include the Wednesday market because it’s my favorite thing. 🙂 Also Abuelito Vidal & Hermana Fabiola.








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