Hey, fam.

Thank you to all who write me so faithfully each week. I love you!

My teacher, Hermano Martinez is hilarious & definitely brought smiles on New Years Day. He snuck his little dog into class & let us all take turns holding it. He wins. He also makes up these really fun games to practice Spanish & always gets our attention with the Hunger Games whistle. He’s kind of a class clown, but then he’ll share these moving stories that bring everyone to tears. He’ll be missed.

Well, this week is when it all went mal (bad)… To explain, it was a challenge, but to be real, what’s new?

Elder N got the flu, Hermana D was sent to the hospital for her intestines, Hermana P has some sort of strp & a nasty cough, & then I caught Elder N’s flu. In short, the doctor is swamped with District 8B.

When all of this finally calmed down, another Hermana in our district started having some serious health problems & has visited the hospital a few times. She’s very weak & ill, as are some others, but hopefully with all of the Priesthood blessings & doctor visits we’ll all be okay. I think we could still use your faith & prayers, if you can spare them.

New missionaries came in & one is from CV! I don’t remember her name, but she knows some friends of mine from MC.

I don’t have a lot of time today & I’m sorry about that, but email time is the most high anxiety hour of the week. Sometimes I think I’ll need therapy after.

One thought I’ve been entertaining…

It’s so important to be positive. We had a rough week, but I was reading in Alma 58, & Helaman is kind of complaining about some things & then in verse 37 it says, “But behold, it mattereth not, the Lord will deliver us.”

I don’t know if I can adequately express how much I love that. It’s like what mom says, “Be a duck & let it roll right off your back, like water.” Things aren’t going your way? Not what you expected? People are being unkind? It mattereth not, the Lord will deliver us. Why do we worry so much? It’s in the Lord’s hands, not ours, so what good will worrying do?

One of my favorite scriptures is in 1st Peter 3:10. It reads, “Love life & see good days”.

So much in life depends upon our attitude & I really have been trying to see the good in each day here. Sometimes it’s hard, but we are so lucky to have the Restored Gospel, to have families, & I’m so lucky to be a missionary. I love this. The Atonement is real & so is God, for with God, nothing shall be impossible.

I love you all very much & I’m so grateful for your support. I’m happy to be where I am & doing what I’m doing.

Here’s to a great week! The next time you hear from me I’ll be in CHILE!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Holt

P.S. Daddy, thank you, thank you for the sweet pick me up, our district needed it. They all asked me to thank you over & over again for the doughnuts & milk, for the talks, letters, & for your kindness. They keep telling me you’re the best & even asked for your email, but things have been so crazy lately getting ready to leave.


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