Hey, friends! Please forgive my grammar, this keyboard is Spanish & I don’t know how to work it.
A few things…
1. Waterproof mascara is a LIE. No such thing exists.
2. I know zero Spanish. Seriously, zero.
3. Mexico is nice.
Today… The first flight was great, thank you, Dad. Hermana H & I sat across from each other & that was fun because we were able to talk the entire time.
The second flight was not as great. We made it through LA thanks to Dad. Actually, the entire group thanks you, because with the map I was able to lead us to victory (AKA: Terminal 4). Then, the second flight came around and it was less enjoyable because we were all exhausted. Also, pretty sad because they switched Hermana H’s seat, so she sat in the front with the other missionaries and I sat in the very back. That was sad. Also, the fact that I lost my water bottle on the first day and I am ashamed. Sorry. But hey, I found the letters! Thank you to everyone who wrote me a note. Tears were shed, but I was filled with love for all of you. Also, there were two very small children in front of me and behind me on the plane that did not enjoy the flight and I will leave it at that.
After arriving,, we went through immigration, baggage, customs, and on to meet our friends in suits. They had name tags, but didn’t speak a word of English.  No joke we were all trying to speak with our hands and then just like Spencer said, they loaded us into an iguana cage (AKA: a super small van with many people) and then we drove through Mexico City, which was partially a preview of my nightmares, but also slightly enjoyable. Everyone kept laughing at me because I would gasp or flinch when the cars got close because I thought we were going to get in an accident. –This happened every few feet. I took a lot of pictures and can’t wait to show you the people walking in between the cars selling things.
Other news… I saw Elder L at dinner!
My preparation day is Tuesday, so expect a lot of pictures because I took a ton today.
The CCM is sort of like a massive EFY. But also not.
The bathroom sinks are really funny and strange, I don’t even know how to explain it.
I am in a threesome with the two Hermanas I met before I came here. Lucky me! Hermana P is from California, and Hermana M is from Kentucky.
I think Hermana H might be in my district, but we can’t be certain yet.
They asked me to pray in Spanish and the anxiety levels are rising. I do not know how to do that.
I love wearing this name tag & I really think this is gonna be fun. And hard, but mostly good.
They are rushing us & I think my email is longer than it should be, but please remember I love you so much, my family and friends, and I will be praying for you.
Thank you again for writing me emails, Mom & Dad. It was so nice to have something in the inbox.
I want to keep writing, but the Elders keep circling me, so gotta go.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Holt




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