Hello, I’m Makayla (insert wave). A lover of foreign countries, soft music, thunderstorms, & good people. I’m a strong supporter of authentic people, beautiful places, raw expressions, and excessive kindness.
Humanitarian: A person who seeks to promote human welfare.
My two greatest desires are these: to follow Christ completely, becoming what God wants me to become, and to advocate for the health, comfort, and happiness of every human being.
I wish I could take the taste of berries and the sound of laughter and wrap it up to give to all the sticky hands, troubled hearts, and hungry bellies of the world. I want to live my life as a helper; giving what I can where I can, sharing in joy and sorrow.
So, I’m Mak; an aspiring writer, photographer, and humanitarian.

So, why Typed Letters Home? 

Several months into the year 2015 I had the impression I should start a blog. When this thought came to me I’m sure that I laughed out loud & said, “Who, me?”

I put it off, telling myself each time it came to mind that I had nothing to write about and that I didn’t lead a very interesting life. I didn’t have a special talent to share, kids to write about, or a hobby to base it all around. I told myself I couldn’t, so I didn’t. I worked, filled my time, and left to serve an LDS mission in Chile. However, upon returning home from that experience earlier than anticipated I had the impression once again to write. At first I didn’t, not wanting to publish my personal thoughts and feelings or the challenges I was facing as an early returned missionary, but I kept having the same thought I often have:

“You need to share what makes you happy, what helps you, and what makes you whole.”

The world contains some seven billion people and we all experience emotions. Joy, grief, frustration; we are entitled to all emotions simply by being human.
Sometimes we feel these emotions deep within us and other emotions we share freely. I’ve always been fascinated with emotion and the experiences of others; feeling sad when others were hurting and rejoicing when they were happy.
Over the years and especially recently in my life I’ve had experiences that have allowed me to empathize with the pains and situations of others. I think that’s why I felt so strongly that I was meant to write about some hard things. My experiences have allowed me to help others through hard times because I’ve gone through hard times; we all have
I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life or imply that I know what you’re struggling with; I don’t, not really. However, I have had challenges and experiences of my own and my intent is to share content that can benefit others.

So I started this blog to share. Sometimes that’s smiles captured in 4 by 6 memories, or songs that breed good vibes, and of course, and most often, The Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it allows me to be a little more of who I want to become each day.
I’ve often loved to write, materializing my most authentic thoughts and feelings and making sense of things. In my mind I’ve always labeled these poems, beliefs, and run-on sentences as typed letters home because that’s where I felt they should be addressed to, Home.

For me, this is a place of peace, almost like a refuge. I write about my hardest battles, my greatest joys, and who I am. I created this place to share goodness with others, whether that’s thoughtful pictures of my favorite places or my deepest beliefs about The Gospel of Christ, you decide. I’m just here to share what makes my life bright. In short, those things that feel like home, and you’re welcome in my home anytime.

I’m an imperfect and flawed human being with good intentions, trying to make a difference where I can. That’s a piece of my soul.


Photo by: Emilee Mortimer

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